The European automotive supply industry is heavily impacted by the Corona-19 crisis, and working hard to resume manufacturing and reconnect supply chains after an unprecedented and almost complete standstill of production. European governments can help with a coordinated relaunch plan which prioritises employment and innovation in Europe as well as underpins the transformation to carbon neutrality and digital society.

First priority for the industry remains the health and safety of employees and society at large. A successful exit from the crisis will however require timely and decisive coordination between member states to restore the free movement of goods and people, making sure that all players in the value chain can plan and act as effectively as possible. The automotive eco-system resembles an intricate clockwork, and the overall chain is as strong as it weakest link.

Liquidity support in the form of flexible state aid rules, tax breaks, investment guarantees, loans, temporary unemployment schemes and other measures remains crucial. In addition, it will be essential to support the recovery with immediate, targeted measures to trigger demand, such as tax reductions or other purchase incentives as well as stimulus through public procurement. Purchase incentives will help to bring back capacity utilisation quickly and therefore, safeguard jobs and investment capacity.

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Industry intelligence:

CLEPA regularly polls its members on the economic impact and outlook to inform industry as well as policy makers, offering essential insights in the most pressing issues going forward. CLEPA furthermore holds webinars on critical topics pertaining to the crisis and recovery.



Coordination & monitoring:

CLEPA has set up a Covid-19 Task Force composed of representatives of the National Associations as well as the corporate members. The Task Force meets at least once a week on-line, and is open to all members who wish to take part and contribute.


CLEPA is in an active dialogue with EU policy makers, including the key European Commissioners and their services. In this dialogue, CLEPA informs about the situation in the industry, gives feedback on the various support measures already announced, and advises on further measures going forward. In times where strong cooperation is needed, CLEPA is collaborating with other organisations and stakeholders in Brussels as well.



CLEPA informs its members on a regular basis with special newsletters and updated overviews on the Covid-19 webpage, and is actively engaging with media and stakeholders via its external communication channels as well.

``What we are experiencing right now shows that a European voice and aligned behaviour joined in a shared policy approach is more needed than ever before,``

CLEPA President Thorsten Muschal for Automotive News Europe

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Automotive suppliers account for 5 million direct and indirect jobs in Europe
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patents filled by the automotive industry each year