EU Projects

CLEPA - the European Commission's trusted project partner For several years now CLEPA has been a regular and trusted partner in EU projects funded by the European Commission.
European Sector Skills Council for the Automotive Industry

The European Sector Skills Council for the Automotive Industry is an 18-month project, funded by the European Commission DG Employment, which aims at establishing a networking platform with focus on skills issues in the automotive sector. Project partners CLEPA, ETRMA and industriAll – with the support of ACEA and CEEMET – have been trusted with the establishment of this networking platform which will enable and facilitate the exchange of best practices at European level in terms of anticipating and managing skills requirements for the automotive industry. In order to realize this objective, the Skills Council will be set up from a broad range of stakeholders, such as industry representatives (employers’ organisations and trade unions), research institutes, automotive clusters, public authorities and training providers.

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GO4SEM – Global Opportunities for SMEs in Electro-Mobility

The GO4SEM project will detect and analyze the specific technology and product needs in emerging e-mobility supply chains in global automotive markets outside Europe. It will use this analysis to assess and evaluate strengths and weaknesses of global e-mobility supply chains and define possible opportunities for European SME’s for a competitive entry in those supply chains, whereby a special focus on ICT will be taken. As such it will indicate R&D priorities for the European SMEs and other stakeholders in order to improve or develop the adequate technologies for these opportunities. As a consequence, the GO4SEM project will give input through the core group members and the associated partners assisting the European Commission in setting up ICT focused research agendas for Horizon 2020 and the future European Green Vehicles Initiative PPP, especially with respect to dedicated initiatives targeted SMEs. In addition, since the complete e-mobility supply chain is considered, it can be expected that in these recommendations will stimulate discussions and agendas in other areas.

iMobility Challenge – Promoting energy efficient, safe and sustainable mobility

iMobility Challenge is a 24 months project aimed at demonstrating, promoting and boosting the deployment of ICT systems for efficient and sustainable mobility. The project will highlight both off-the-shelf products (i.e. technologies that have just been launched on the market) and emerging technologies addressed by current research. In particular focus will be placed on current EU Research conducted in the field of cooperative systems for energy efficient and sustainable mobility.

Intelligent mobility is notably characterised by efforts to better integrate and connect intelligent drivers, intelligent cars and intelligent infrastructures together, and this can be achieved through cooperative systems. The benefits of ICT systems for efficient and sustainable mobility should be better disseminated to end-users, decision-makers, the research community and the industry. The added value of iMobility Challenge will be to raise awareness of such benefits among those distinct target groups.