Membership Benefits

How will your company benefit from becoming a CLEPA member?

CLEPA is the leading organisation representing the automotive supply industry in Europe and serves as the biggest forum for discussion and decision-making in the sector.

CLEPA is not only considered as a negotiating counterpart by the European Institutions and the UNECE, but also keeps regular contacts with fellow associations and with the car manufacturers (ACEA, JAMA, etc). Therefore CLEPA can give you contacts, expertise, opportunities and negotiating power to influence the political decisions touching your interests.

The benefits you will enjoy as a member are as follows:

Government representation

CLEPA provides the principal forum for all members to voice their views on the vital issues affecting the automotive industry and works to promote and/or influence the shape of forthcoming international standards and regulations pertaining to auto parts. CLEPA ensures that policy makers at EU level are aware of the opinions of the European automotive sector and that they take it into account in all new legislation affecting the sector in general and long-term policies (for instance: CARS21).


CLEPA coordinates initiatives, European projects, creates opportunities and gives assistance and expert support on key topics such as: European affairs and opportunities, quality, education and training, technical and vehicle legislation, warranties, legal matters, aftermarket issues and more. CLEPA ensures fair treatment of the automotive supply industry on the granting of financial aid to the transport sector and guides members on how to obtain funds.

Industry networking and trade events

CLEPA creates economic and networking opportunities through European projects, meetings, seminars and events like the annual CLEPA Technology Day and the JAMA-CLEPA Business Conference.

Industry news and insight

CLEPA researches, compiles and disseminates information relating to auto parts manufacturing and to global and European trends in the industry.

International business support

Promoting international cooperation and exchanges with counterpart national organisations worldwide.

Media Relations

CLEPA is the media voice of the European automotive industry and is committed to raising awareness about the importance of our sector thanks to its online presence and press relations.


CLEPA is the leading organisation representing the automotive supply industry in Europe and it is the biggest forum of discussion and decision-making in this sector.


If you are interested in becoming a CLEPA member, please contact Erik Vandervreken, Director Business Development and Services

Tel +32 2 743 91 25