Press statements by National Automotive Industry Associations on Covid-19

AFIA (Portugal)

The automotive sector associations ACAP, AFIA, ANECRA, ARAN demand a specific support plan for the automotive sector to be established.

AFIA states the importance of implementing measures to support the automotive supply industry due to its impact on national economy.

According to AFIA, the value of exports of automobile components in March 2020 fell by 25.4% compared to the same month last year.


Agoria (Belgium)

Agoria published a statment saying companies must keep their distances to keep our healthcare and economy afloat due to drop in turnover as a consequence of the coronavirus.

A series of acticles reflecting on the measures to take in a post-Covid-19 phase.

A manual to help employers comply with the new requirements on social distancing in particular.


ANFIA (Italy)

In all the countries of the European Union and the United Kingdom, car registrations in March amounted to 853,077 units, a decrease of 51.8% compared to March 2019.

According to data published by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transportation, in April the Italian car market just totaled 4,279 registrations, or 97.5% less than in the same month in 2019.

Countries of the European Union enlarged to include the EFTA and the United Kingdom in April, the car registrations amounted to 292,182 units, a decrease of 78.3% compared to the previous year.


HGK (Croatia)

HGK provided comprehensive list of suggested measures, to which some were accepted.

HGK published an analysis Current trends in the labor market in the circumstances of the Covida-19 pandemic.



FIEV (France)

FIEV has decided to cancel the next call for membership fees to show solidarity to its members, due to the impact the crisis has had on their activity.

A FIEV survey on the consequences of the health crisis and identification of the conditions for a rapid recovery.

FIEV and Art et Métiers partnered up and will provide automotive equipment from GARAS programme, thus enabling companies to restart their business.



FKG (Sweden)

FKG calls for the coordination of all points of the value chain to achieve common goals.



RAI (The Netherlands)

Study confirms that people are currently working from home en masse and that some will continue to do so in the future thus changing mobility needs.

Industry organizations, trainers, unions and specialists in the mobility sector have joined forces to draw up a joint industry-wide corona protocol, which must guarantee safe, hygienic and corona-proof working in the affiliated sectors.

Car importers of new and imported cars are given the opportunity to apply for deferment of payment for the payment of BPM on sold cars. RAI Association and BOVAG are pleased that the Cabinet is responding to the sector’s call.



SDCM (Poland)

Automotive parts production is the most affected segment represented by SDCM. Many factories are currently still closed, and the one which are operating come across a number of problems, which also has direct influence on their production.




Since April 13th, 90% of the automotive suppliers installed in Spain have been restarting their industrial activity in a staggered and gradual way.

ANFAC, SERNAUTO, FACONAUTO and GANVAM met the Minister of Sustainable Transition, the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism and the Director of Economic Affairs in the Cabinet of the Presidency of Spain, to discuss urgent measures for the recovery of the automotive sector.

The Secretary General for Industry and SMEs, Raül Blanco , made these statements during the webinar “Automotive suppliers in the face of the Covid-19 crisis. Challenges and opportunities ”, organized by the Spanish Association of Automotive Suppliers (SERNAUTO), in collaboration with KPMG.



SMMT has produced two further guidance documents on safe working best practice for automotive manufacturing and aftermarket.

SMMT and NFDA published a new guidance document on safe working best practice for automotive retailers which has been developed in collaboration between the two organisations and members from each organisation.

SMMT calls on government to unlock wider automotive sector by opening showrooms to drive demand, boost manufacturing and help support economic recovery.



TAYSAD (Turkey)

TAYSAD conducted an important survey on the effects of coronavirus on the industry. It is believed that the coronavirus will directly affect over 100,000 supplier employees.

TAYSAD shares the results and reveals the problems of the sector by carrying out the second survey study.

According to the survey, 65% of industry representatives pointed out to an upcoming cash crunch which could last three months or longer.



VDA (Germany)

In April, new car registrations in Germany plummeted 61 percent year-on-year.

New registrations in Germany rise thanks to plug-in hybrids – German manufacturers expand production in March.

Joint press release from VCI, VDA, VDMA and ZVEI requesting a fitness program that works in summer and autumn and beyond.




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