CLEPA is the voice of European automotive suppliers, representing over 3.000 companies which employ 5.000.000 employees, invest over €20 billion yearly in R&I and provide solutions for safe, smart and sustainable mobility.

Latest publications

Position Paper on Euro 7/VII


CLEPA supports the further development of standards for pollutant emissions from light and heavy-duty vehicles that improve air quality, environment and health outcomes. As providers of sustainable technology solutions for road transport, we advocate for a regulatory framework that facilitates clean and affordable mobility. Read the position paper.

Position Paper on EU-UK FTA

The ambition formulated in the revised Political
Declaration to establish a “flexible partnership
with a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) at its core”
represents great risks for the European
automotive sector. A conventional EU-UK free
trade agreement without automotive-specific
trade facilitating measures and customs
arrangements would result in new barriers to
trade and friction at the border. This proposal
aims to avoid disruption of the EU-UK
automotive sector by proposing trade conditions,
customs procedures and implementation
timelines tailored to the automotive supply chain. Read the position paper.

Future As We Move Whitebook

What will the future of mobility look like? In our view, the future is safe, sustainable, smart and competitive. CLEPA’s whitebook defines tomorrow’s mobility, aligned with the diverse views of the European automotive supplier community. Read more

Position Paper on Access to In-Vehicle Data and Resources

Digitalisation is transforming the automotive industry, and in-vehicle data is mainly controlled and exploited commercialy by vehicle manufacturers. CLEPA’s position paper calls for a level playing field in the automotive industry regarding access to data and resources, and in full compliance with the legislation on the protection of personal data. Read the position paper

Innovation Awards Brochure

 The CLEPA Innovation Awards celebrate the most forward-thinking ideas of the automotive supply industry in the fields of Safety, Cooperation, Connectivity & Automation and Environment. Find here the fourth-edition booklet of winners and finalists and get to know more about technologies that can substantially improve the quality, efficiency and safety of mobility.  Read the brochure 

Report of activities 2018-2019

Every organisation has a story to tell. This report is a brief overview of what 2018-2019 has been for us. As an Association, CLEPA relies on strong foundations, clear Statutes and a sharp focus on the Working Group organisation. Behind the work performed during this period there is a committed team carrying out its pro-active policy outreach and communications. Discover more about the impact and outcome of our activities in this publication. Read more 


Policy Priorities