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CLEPA PLAZA is the response to the question how we can continue informing and engaging with our members to the very best of our ability throughout the pandemic and beyond. Adding this service to our existing activities is all part of furthering our mission to help European automotive suppliers to be the leading providers of highly efficient and sustainable mobility worldwide.

PLAZA takes the form of interactive online sessions, usually one hour in length, where we take our members on an exploration of a key topic. The content is provided by both in-house and external experts who will be taking a deep dive into understanding measures or regulations already in place, current developments, or forecasts on upcoming challenges. Following the presentation, the floor is opened to the audience to engage in a discussion, respond to questions, and share experiences.

CLEPA is committed to making these sessions as relevant and useful as possible to its members. We would like to invite our members to share their opinions on which topics they would like to see covered. Don’t hesitate to submit your suggestions to

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How are international relations anticipated to affect the automotive industry, and what are their possible implications on the market?


CLEPA informs about the situation in the industry, gives feedback on the various support measures already announced, and advises on further measures going forward.


Are you aware of all CLEPA activities and services? Do you know which working groups are relevant to you? We provide periodic sessions with the aim of navigating you through our organisation and features.


How much do you know about the platforms connecting the different actors of the aftermarket value chain, how they operate, and how you can make use of them for your own needs?

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3000 participants
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