Upcoming funding opportunities for Horizon 2020 transport projects

On 23 October 2018, INEA (Innovation & Networks Executive Agency) organised the Horizon2020 transport virtual info day. The event presented upcoming funding opportunities offered by the EU’s Horizon 2020 Programme to projects focusing on smart, green and integrated transport.


The event presented the following 2019 calls for funding made available a total of nearly €355 million:



Calendar of the calls


Deadlines for the calls related to transport are due in 2019. All submitted proposals will go through a pre-defined selection procedure, including admissibility & eligibility check and evaluation by external experts. More information about these calls for funding can be found in presentations from the event, available here.


The event also covered administrative and legal aspects of applications for funding opportunities. Most notably it provided the overview of the application and evaluation process and offered a recap of lessons learnt from previous evaluations, including tips for writing a good proposal.


Interested in applying for funding opportunities? More information and a full presentation from the info day are available at the event’s page. A full recording of the event is also accessible here.




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