Study on IoT Cross-cutting Business Models

The European Commission Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG CONNECT) is conducting a study on the impact of Internet of Things on the structure of industry and business models used. The study, which began in November 2016, will contribute to the objectives of Horizon 2020 and support upcoming activities that seeks to foster open cross-sector industrial platforms adapted to IoT technologies, standards and experimentation.


A sneak preview of the first findings of the ongoing Study on ‘Cross-Cutting Business Models for the Internet of Things (IoT)’ will be presented at NET FUTURES 2017 conference. The study examines how firms can adopt a cross-cutting approach to enter the IoT market and entails recommendations to help lower the barriers organisations face in their efforts to achieve this.


While the complete report will be available last quarter of 2017, PwC, who is the author of this study, is presenting the first findings and conclusions during a pre-conference session at NET FUTURES 2017.




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