Romania rolls-out improved incentives for purchasing e-vehicles



The Romanian government has announced that it will spend 220 million Romanian leu (€ 48.85m) on encouraging people to scrap their older cars and buy cleaner vehicles.


One of the first measures will be to improve a current scrappage scheme, known as Rabla – under which citizens receive 6,500 Romanian Lei (€ 1 440) for scrapping vehicles older than 8 years.


Originally designed to take the most polluting cars off the roads, the environment ministry has now introduced two ‘eco-bonuses’ to the scheme.


The first, of 650 leu (€ 144), is available if the owner goes on to buy a new vehicle whose engine emits under 100 g/km of CO2.


The second, worth 1,500 leu (€ 330), is available if the owner decides instead to purchase a hybrid car.


The government has also initiated a new incentive scheme, Rabla Plus, which provides subsidies for people looking to buy electric vehicles outright.


Drivers interested in buying a hybrid car can receive 5,000 leu (€ 1 110) towards their costs, while those hoping to bag a 100 per cent electric vehicle can benefit from 20,000 leu (€ 4,440) in state funding.


Of the available 220 million leu, 75 million (€ 16.65m) will be allotted to Rabla Plus.


Source: ELTIS, the urban mobility observatory


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