Publication of the R&D and Design Centres Catalogue of Turkish Automotive Suppliers

TAYSAD, the Automotive Supplier Association of Turkey, has recently published its “R&D and Design Centres Catalogue”. The publication includes a comprehensive overview of the R&D and Design capacity of the Turkish automotive supplier industry with its capabilities and interests, including their expertise on the different fields.


Turkey is a significant vehicle production centre, especially on commercial vehicles. Its annual production capacity has reached 1,55 million vehicles with the recent investments.  With an export volume of over USD 32 billion, automotive industry is the leading sector in the country. The automotive OEMs employ around 50,000 people, while the supply industry adds another 200,000 people to the work force. These figures climb to 1 million 250 thousand people, when dealerships, logistics, authorized and private services are included.


The automotive industry is setting an example of growth not only from manufacturing, but also from design and engineering perspective. As a result of this, R&D and design expenditures, infrastructure and workforce in the industry are developing and being supported and promoted by the government itself with different funds. It enables the automotive companies to develop cutting-edge technologies in parallel with mega trends of industry. With 155 R&D and Design Centres, TAYSAD represents 17% of all R&D and Design Centres in Turkey.


TAYSAD R&D and Design Centres have a significant share in Turkey’s R&D and Design expenditure. All these R&D and Design Centres have many national and international funded R&D and Design projects on the concepts of the automotive industry.



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