Proposal to facilitate cross-border motor vehicle registration

European Commission presents a legislative proposal to facilitate the registration of cars, vans, buses and trucks that were previously registered in another EU country.

The main benefits of this proposal will be:

  • People who work in another EU country than the one they reside in and who use a car registered by their employer will not need to re-register it.
  • Improvement for persons who spend a part of the year in another EU country who are often requested to re-register their vehicle.
  • Considerable simplification of the administrative formalities for the re-registration within the EU of cars, vans, buses and trucks (for example greatly reducing the formalities when moving residence from one EU country to another and when purchasing a second hand car from another EU country).

The background:

Motor vehicle registration problems were identified in the first EU Citizenship Report as one of the main obstacles faced by citizens when moving to or working in another EU country. They were also highlighted as one of the 20 main concerns with the Single Market.

The event:

12:30 Press conference to be held by Vice-President Antonio Tajani in the Berlaymont Press Room

Source: Eu Commission Single Market for Goods


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