Progresses in EU-MERCOSUR negotiations

On the 27th of November 2017, the European Commission published a report on the ongoing trade negotiations with MERCOSUR.

Regarding trade in goods, discussions continued on the outstanding text proposals. An agreement was reached on the provision prohibiting quantitative restrictions. Substantive text-based discussions were held on export competition or cooperation in agriculture. Other issues discussed, where further progress will be required, are the base rate for tariff liberalisation, the EU proposals on remanufactured goods and goods entered after repair, and fees and charges.

Regarding rules of origin, the discussions focused on product specific rules of origin. Parties agreed some rules for industrial and agricultural products. They also exchanged views and technical information identifying product priorities and sensitivities. Parties also tabled some proposals as a basis for a discussion on possible ways forward on outstanding issues.

On technical barriers to trade, difficulties remain in certain issues related to standards, specific provisions on conformity assessment, marking and labelling, as well as regulatory cooperation. General exchanges continued on the EU-proposed annex on motor vehicles.

IPR discussions focussed on patents, test data, trade secrets, enforcement, trademarks, designs, plant varieties and copyright. The section on designs was tentatively completed and those on copyright and trademarks are approaching completion. The Parties also discussed a new proposal on enforcement and border measures prepared by Mercosur, which provides a basis for discussion. Both sides had a first exchange on plant varieties and agreement on a combined text seems feasible. The parties continued their work on textual provisions related to geographical indications, and exchanged information on the respective lists of geographical indications to be protected through the agreement.


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