President Hollande opens Plastic Omnium development centre

plastic omnium


On the 15th of April, the French President François Hollande visited Plastic Omnium in Venette. The French plastic supplier, which employs 25,000 people in 120 sites in 30 countries, possesses hundreds of patents and plans a €1.7 billion investment in the coming years, was celebrating both its 70th birthday and the opening of its new development centre, Alphatech.


This centre represents an investment of €65 million and the creation of 600 jobs. In his speech, Mr Hollande underlined the pillars necessary to be a strong automotive supplier: a high level of investment, an excellent R&D strategy, sites in Europe, skilled labour and an international presence. He also stressed the importance of automotive innovation for the environment and especially air quality, for example with the devices proposed by Plastic Omnium to capture azote oxydes from diesel vehicles.



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