New and improved car emissions tests become mandatory on 1 September

As of 1 September 2017, new car models will have to pass new and more reliable emissions tests in real driving conditions (“Real Driving Emissions” – RDE) as well as an improved laboratory test (“World Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure” – WLTP) before they can be driven on European roads. The new emissions tests will ensure more reliable results and help to rebuild confidence in the performance of new cars. The tests represent one of several important steps in the Commission’s work for a clean, sustainable and competitive car industry. In parallel, the Commission is closely following Member States’ efforts regarding polluting cars already in circulation.


The Commission has supported their work by developing a common testing methodology to screen for defeat devices altering the results of laboratory tests and ensure consistency of results of national investigations. It has published guidance to help Member States’ authorities assess whether a car manufacturer is using defeat devices or other strategies that lead to higher vehicle emissions outside of the test cycle and analyse whether they are technically justified. The Commission also ensures that competition rules are respected and will continue to do so, in addition to ensuring that consumers are treated fairly.




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