Lex Krzyzanowski Chairman Clepa LightSightSafety

For the period 2012-2013 Lex Krzyzanowski is appointed as chairman by LightSightSafety ‘s members. This will be his fourth period leading the Initiative as chairman. During his last years chairmanship LightSightSafety was an active member of eSafetyAware and trainded, on demand of several carmakers/importers, salespeople in the benefits of certain lightsources/systems. Besides to this a new research projects was initiated with the aim to get a better insight (based on facts and figures) of the safety aspects of adaptive car lighting.

The Initiative:

“LightSightSafety” is a coalition of several lighting companies (currently: Automotive Lighting, Hella, Osram, Philips, Valeo and Visteon) that represents lighting in automotive in Europe. These companies have committed themselves to bring new advancements in vehicle lighting to the market.

The Initiative dedicates itself to communicate the advantages of good car lighting to end users, carmakers and relevant decision-making authorities in order to increase the performance, safety, comfort and environmental benefits of present and future motor vehicles. The Initiative consequently supports the continuous efforts of the society to improve road safety and to be more environmentally friendly e.g. reduction of CO2 emission.

“LightSightSafety” also will work to educate the general public what good quality in vehicle lighting is providing to its safety and comfort.

For more information: LightSightSafety Initiative


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