Launch of the GEAR2030 consultation process – first meetings in January 2016

CLEPA has been selected by the European Commission to be a member of the High Level Group GEAR2030, the EC consultation process for sectoral policy in the automotive industry, which was officially launched at the end of last year.


The High Level Group will discuss the main challenges for the automotive industry in the next 10 years. In particular, the High Level Group will be asked to develop recommendations to reinforce not only short-term but mostly long-term competitiveness of the European automotive industry. More specifically, it should:


  • hold a regular dialogue on all matters relating to the competitiveness and sustainable growth of the automotive industry, including the economic situation, the impact on the environment including enforcements of standards, trends and factors driving the structural and societal changes, value chain adaptation and international aspects of the automotive industry’s activity as well as the need to improve consumer’s confidence and information;


  • assist and advise the Commission on the policy in the fields referred to in point (a) and to formulate a set of sector-specific policy recommendations;


  • assist the Commission in identifying key areas which need to be addressed and setting up an action plan at the European level in order to facilitate the roll out of autonomous and automated vehicles;


  • bring about an exchange of experience and best practices applied in the areas of education and training in the sector, which can serve as a reference for an effective skill development scheme.


GEAR2030 has a three-level structure: the High Level Group, where Commissioners and Ministers meet; the Sherpas (Directors) and Ad-hoc Working Groups (experts in specific fields). The first meeting of the Sherpa took place on 13 January, the next meeting will take place on 25 February. The first meeting of the High Level Group takes place on 26 January 2016.





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