Juncker outlines investment plan

Investment fund to leverage €16 billion from the European Commission and €5bn from the European Investment Bank to invest in infrastructure projects, education and renewable energy.

The European Commission’s investment plan will propose leveraging €21 billion to generate a €315bn investment boost for the EU’s economy, Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the Commission, told MEPs yesterday.

Juncker described the plan as an “investment offensive” and “the greatest effort in EU history to mobilise the EU budget to trigger new investments”. “We are offering hope to millions of Europeans disillusioned after years of stagnation,” said Juncker

He announced that the money, made up of a €16bn guarantee from the EU budget and a €5bn contribution from the European Investment Bank, would focus on funding investment in infrastructure. It will target broadband and energy networks, transport infrastructure in industrial centres, renewa ble energy projects, education and training, and funding for SMEs and middle capitalisation companies. (EUROPEANVOICE.COM)


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