Joint call for regulatory action on access to in-vehicle data

In a joint statement, CLEPA and other stakeholders are calling for immediate regulatory action to unlock the European automotive data ecosystem, fostering competition, innovation, consumer choice, and affordability. The statement urges the EU executive branch to act decisively and propose sector-specific legislation on access to in-vehicle data, functions, and resources by the end of this year.

Over the past 10-15 years, European independent automotive and mobility service providers have made significant investments in retrofit solutions to access vehicle-generated data, driving innovation and deployment. In this joint paper, the Independent Service Providers (ISP) group analyses the stakes of an un-regulated data space, especially as software-defined vehicles (SDVs) gain mainstream prominence. The absence of regulation will result in significant potential annual losses, projected at €26 billion by 2030 and of €95 billion by 2050, for the independent automotive aftermarket.

You can download the full statement below.


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