Forum on Automotive Aftermarket Sustainability to officially establish as new European association

  • Leading players in the aftermarket sector consolidate efforts to drive innovative sustainability solutions and best practices through new EU association
  • Official presentation to take place during FAAS Sustainability Day at FuturMotive Congress on 16-18 November in Bologna

Brussels, 14 July 2023

Under the guidance of the FAAS Secretariat, initiated by CLEPA (the European Association of Automotive Suppliers) and FIGIEFA (the European Association of Automotive Aftermarket Distributors), preparations are underway to establish a governance structure, formalise the FAAS as a legal entity, and launch an awareness campaign to expand its membership base. Additionally, the new association is set to introduce new membership categories to foster broader participation and engagement.

The official presentation of this initiative will take place during the highly anticipated FAAS Sustainability Day, scheduled for 16-18 November in Bologna as part of the ‘FuturMotive’ Congress. Laurence Eeckhout, FAAS coordinator on behalf of FIGIEFA, shares the enthusiasm shown by the unanimous support from members during the recent plenary meeting: “We are pleased that members are engaged in a journey where actors in the aftermarket sector are joining forces to enhance collaboration, exchange best practices, and foster sustainable initiatives that will have a lasting impact along the entire supply chain. Together, we anticipate substantial growth in our membership,  as well as the optimisation of packaging, re-use and re-manufacturing of parts, and digitalisation of  logistics.”

Frank Schlehuber, CLEPA’s Senior Consultant Market Affairs, emphasised the importance of collective action within the automotive aftermarket: “While numerous stakeholders operate within the industry, we all share a common goal. Effecting meaningful change requires the acceptance and support of all market players. Therefore, a joint initiative involving stakeholders across the value chain is essential to achieve swift and impactful results.”

The mission of the FAAS

The FAAS represents a unique collaborative endeavour initiated by CLEPA and FIGIEFA, uniting  the automotive aftermarket supply chain in a holistic pursuit  of greener and more sustainable solutions for the European aftermarket.

To achieve its sustainability objectives, the FAAS currently operates four working groups comprising a wide range of relevant actors from the European automotive industry:


  • Working Group 1: Conducting a comprehensive study to assess the CO2 footprint of the automotive aftermarket sector and the CO2 impact of maintaining a vehicle on the road for longer vs. replacing it with a new vehicle.
  • Working Group 2: Addressing existing barriers to component remanufacturing through improved knowledge and understanding, while emphasising the significant contribution of remanufacturing to the circular economy, with the aim to increase the market share of remanufactured products.
  • Working Group 3: Developing a standardised Product Carbon Footprint methodology applicable to all players in the automotive aftermarket sector, consistent with other initiatives in Europe.
  • Working Group 4: Focusing on optimising supply chain logistics by forming strategic partnerships between suppliers and wholesalers, and developing recommendations to reduce the environmental footprint of shipping.


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