Forum for Mobility and Society: Stakeholders exchange views with representatives from the EU institutions

The Forum for Mobility and Society organised an event on the 3rd of March to discuss the latest trends on sustainable mobility in the EU.


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In an active and engaging roundtable discussion, Benjamin Krieger, Head of Governmental Affairs at CLEPA, and other FMS members had the opportunity to discuss with representatives from the Parliament, Commission and Council the new measures being taken under the Green Deal strategy.



About the Forum for Mobility and Society:


Since 1999, the Forum for Mobility and Society (FMS) brings together the transport and mobility community to debate, draw long-term perspectives and develop visions for tomorrow’s mobility.


The FMS gathers Europe’s key institutional actors including Members of the European Parliament, representatives from the European Commission, industry experts and society at large. It does not seek to give a definitive outlook on a particular topic, but examines current debates on mobility issues from a variety of perspectives so that new solutions may be found. The FMS regularly organises conferences, panel discussions, workshops, networking events and visits for its members and wider stakeholder community.




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