European Parliament on air quality

During the plenary session in Strasbourg from 26 to 29 October 2015, the Members of the European Parliament will organize several votes on emissions issues.

In a first vote to take place on the 27 October, they will adopt their position regarding real driving emissions tests. This resolution was prepared after the Volkswagen case and is aimed at pushing the European Commission for a more rapid implementation of real driving emissions control.

On the 28 October, the Members of the European Parliament will discuss and adopt new national caps on key air pollutants, including Sulphur dioxide, particulates and nitrogen oxides. The Environment Committee draft says that the future national emission ceiling (NEC) directive should include caps on mercury (Hg) from 2020, as well as the proposed caps on sulphur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx), non-methane volatile organic compounds (NMVOC), methane (CH4), ammonia (NH3), and particulate matter (up to PM2.5 micrometers) to be achieved by 2020 and 2030.


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