European Commission open consultation on Vehicle General Safety Regulation

Road safety in the EU has improved significantly over the past decade thanks to strong and effective action taken at EU, national and at a local level. However in the light of recent analyses and technological progress, the Commission sees a need to consider revising both the General Safety Regulation and the Pedestrian Safety Regulation in order to introduce new safety requirements, address safety gaps in the current legislation, improve upon the shortage of in depth accident data on causes of accidents and effectiveness of specific measures, and promote increasing automation in vehicles and better efficiency.

The EU Regulations on vehicle safety aim to protect drivers, passengers, pedestrians and cyclists that can be hit by a vehicle during an accident. The current Commission initiative aims to further decrease the number of road fatalities and injuries. To achieve this, amendments or new requirements could be proposed for the General Safety Regulation and the Pedestrian Safety Regulation. In these proposals, there is a focus on vulnerable road users including children and the elderly. A 12 week open online public consultation is envisaged in the context of the impact assessment process.




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