EU-Japan Industrial Relations discussed in Tokyo

EU-Japanese industrial relations were top of the agenda at the EU Japan Industrial Policy Dialogue in Tokyo, on 9 April 2014.

The EC Director General for Enterprise and Industry, Daniel Calleja met with the Vice Minister for International Affairs, Norihiko Ishiguro at the annual meeting to discuss measures for increasing cooperation between the two regions and exchange best-practice experiences.

The two administrations discussed their respective policy initiatives, i.e. the recent ‘Industrial Renaissance Communication’ for the EU and Japan’s ‘Growth Strategy’.  Particular focus was given to measures that support small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the two regions. The co-funded EU-Japan Centre was especially commended for its work in this regard.

Working Groups were held on the potential for improved cooperation so as to improve the sustainability and competitiveness of a range of industries including the chemical, raw materials, automotive and construction industries. Discussions were also held on standardisation and conformity assessment. Furthermore, possibilities for cooperation regarding the new Space Policy Dialogue were discussed in relation to global navigation, earth observation and space science and technology research. The issues of financial reporting, business and human rights were also discussed at the Corporate Social Responsibility  working group.

Both parties agreed that most benefit would be gained in the future from bi-lateral cooperation in new or emerging issues where fully-fledged frameworks are not already in place.

This was the 17th year such a Dialogue has been held, the overall aim of which is to improve industrial relations between the EU and Japan.

Source: EU Commission


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