EU industry coalition calls for conclusion of negotiations on EU-Mercosur free trade agreement

In a joint statement, CLEPA and 22 stakeholders are calling the EU and Mercosur leaders to expedite the finalisation of trade negotiations on outstanding issues, emphasising the critical importance of swift action. The establishment of the EU-Mercosur agreement is paramount, offering a significant opportunity to enhance economic integration, collaborate on climate change mitigation, diversify value chains, and fortify the competitiveness of export-oriented sectors, thereby supporting millions of jobs and contributing to the prosperity of European citizens.

This agreement not only fosters strategic economic autonomy for the EU amidst growing security concerns but also positions Europe as a key player in global markets. By partnering with one of the world’s largest economies, the agreement aims to dismantle trade barriers, providing European companies access to Mercosur’s market with over 270 million consumers.

You can download the full statement below.


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