EU and India launch partnership on sustainable connectivity

The EU and India have concluded a comprehensive Connectivity Partnership, confirming their commitment to collaborate on supporting resilient and sustainable connectivity both in India and in third countries and regions, including Africa, Central Asia and the Indo-Pacific.

Signed during the EU-India Leaders’ Meeting in Porto, the EU-India Connectivity Partnership covers cooperation in the digital, energy, transport, and people-to-people sectors. It is fundamentally rooted in support for the twin digital and green transitions, adherence to and development of international standards, as well as the shared norms and values of social, environmental, economic and fiscal sustainability and level playing field.

The EU and India today represent a combined market of 1.8 billion people with a combined GDP of €16.5 trillion per year. By 2030, India will be the most populous country in the world with a median age of just 31. Studies point to growth of over 250% in India’s core digital economy between 2019 and 2025.

The new Connectivity Partnership aims at pooling resources, norms and expertise to serve the needs of the next generation of sustainable and quality infrastructure. It includes joint work on standards and the regulatory environment, as well as on concrete infrastructure projects.

The EU-India Connectivity Partnership is the second such partnership, after the one signed with Japan in September 2019. These bilateral partnerships form an integral part of the EU’s strategy to connect Europe and Asia, which was presented by the Commission and the High Representative in September 2018 and endorsed by the Council in October of that year.

Source: European Commission


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