EC: Launch of new hackathon on the challenges of the circular economy

Building on the objectives put forward in the green deal and the new circular economy action plan, the European Commission today launches a new hackathon on the challenges of the circular economy. The Business4Change Hackathon is aimed at engaging young people, students, entrepreneurs and startups to ‘hack’ new socially innovative business models and propose solutions for the circular economy.


The Business4Change Hackathon will take place on 16-17 November 2020 in Brussels, as a part of the European Business Summit’s 20th anniversary edition focused on sustainability.


The hackathon will provide participating businesses and organisations with an opportunity to find a concrete solution for a challenge they are facing concerning the circular economy. Creative teams from all over Europe will work on their challenge to find an innovative and sustainable answer.


The European Commission is inviting businesses, private and public organisations with an interest in the circular economy to apply as challenge owners and experts for the hackathon. In both roles, organisations will be able to shape the event and coach the teams during the hackathon. In addition, challenge owners will propose challenges and prizes for the hackathon, while experts will share their knowledge and provide online training sessions to participants.


Source: European Commission



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