Diesel still dominates the EU fuel market

On the 6th of February 2018, the European Commission published a new report showig that the EU transport fuel market is still dominated by diesel, which made up 71.8% of fuel sold in the year 2016. Total transport fuel sales increased by 2.7% as compared to 2015.

Petrol sales in 2016 remained almost unchanged, whereas diesel sales increased by 3.8%. The share of diesel fuel sales has increased over the years. Almost all diesel sold in the EU contains biodiesel, whereas 85% of petrol sold contains bioethanol.

Fuels used for road transport in the EU have to meet strict quality requirements to protect human health and the environment and make sure that vehicles can safely travel from one country to another.

Member States are required to monitor the quality of fuels sold on their territory. While the large majority of the fuels were in line with the legal requirements, a number of cases of non-compliance were reported in 2016. All Member States have described the actions taken when non-compliant samples were identified.

The Commission’s report focuses on the quality of petrol and diesel used for road transport in the EU in 2016. The report is based on information provided by the Member States to the European Environment Agency (EEA).


Source: European Commission


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