Commission proposes €2.7 billion for 152 projects in Transport

Today the European Commission is proposing to invest €2.7 billion in 152 key transport projects that support competitive, clean and connected mobility in Europe. In doing so, the Commission is firmly delivering on its Investment Plan for Europe and on Europe’s connectivity including the recent ” Europe on the Move ” agenda. Such investment will not only modernise Europe’s transport network but also stimulate the economic activity and spur job creation.


EU Commissioner for Transport Violeta Bulc  said:  “The demand for investment in transport infrastructure is huge. This new wave of investment focuses on clean, innovative and digital projects to modernise Europe’s transport network. Today we are one step closer to a true Transport Union, serving the needs of citizens, stimulating the economy and creating jobs.  Looking ahead, I am inviting stakeholders to make best use of the remaining funds, using blending to maximise impact and leverage all possible resources.”




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