CLEPA General Assembly 2020: Working together to strengthen the suppliers’ voice and impact

CLEPA held its first ever online General Assembly on June 4, welcoming more than 120 participants, representing more than 80 corporate members, 13 national associations and 5 associate members. It was the first assembly for CLEPA President Thorsten Muschal, who highlighted the commitment to reinforcing the association’s voice and impact, while increasing the membership value.


The meeting reviewed the activities of the association in 2019, the year that CLEPA celebrated its 60th anniversary culminating in an important event to present the industry vision for the years to come via the “Future As We Move” campaign.



A large part of the agenda was allocated to the fall-out of the Covid-19 crisis, analysing the impact on the supplier industry and presenting the numerous initiatives that CLEPA has introduced for the membership, including weekly Covid-newsletters, special webinars and dedicated pulse check surveys on industry sentiment and needs – among others. Much attention was given to the joint sector’s policy recommendation for an ambitious recovery plan for the automotive sector with coordinated measures to support the relaunch of the industry.  In addition, priorities going forward continue to focus on the main policy objectives of decarbonisation and digitalisation of our society, aiming for a carbon-neutral future, supporting the Green Deal and climate objectives, while preserving the global competitiveness of Europe with a strong EU Industrial Strategy.


The General Assembly also confirmed new and re-elected members of the CLEPA Board, and nine new members.


CLEPA currently has 141 members, with 115 corporate members, 14 national associations and 12 associate members. Since the General Assembly in June 2019, CLEPA has welcomed the following new members:


Corporate members:


Intel (USA)​- In vehicle computing, ADAS, Automated Driving Systems​


Cummins (USA)​- Design, manufacture, and distribution of engines, filtration, and power generation products​


TomTom (Netherlands)​-Navigation and map technology specialist​


​Here (Netherlands)​- Mapping and location data services​


​Autofren- Seinsa (Spain)- Manufacturing rubber technical parts for car brake parts​


National Association (and Board member)

CCE Croatian Chambre of Economy (Croatia)​- Independent professional and business organisation of all legal entities engaging in business.


Associate members


​Argez (Germany)​- Federation of 7 national supply chain associations ​


Vayyar (Israel)​- Automotive sensors, in-car & exterior​


​Xperi (USA/Romania)​- Safety technologies enabling advanced driver-assistance systems at all levels​






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