Bosch developing local cloud solutions for the automotive industry


Together with Nokia and Deutsche Telekom, Bosch is developing local cloud solutions for the automotive industry and working on the complete integration of vehicles via the cellular network all the way through to the Bosch IoT Cloud.


The companies are employing Mobile Edge Computing (MEC), a cellular network technology that uses a local cloud to aggregate and process latency-critical information and distribute it to drivers. Unlike most clouds, this local cloud is situated directly at a mobile base station near the roadside and not on the internet.


By 2020, the companies want to jointly drive forward the expansion of cellular technology and corresponding connected driving functions as part of the introduction of the 5G network, with the particular aim of enabling higher levels of automated driving. To this end, vehicles must be capable of communicating both with each other and via a server – in either a central or a local cloud, depending on requirements


Each of the three partners brings their own expertise and know-how to the joint project designed to make road traffic safer, particularly at dangerous intersections and bends. Bosch is responsible for functions such as the intersection assistant and the electronic brake light, together with their implementation in the vehicle and on the server, both in the local cloud as well as through integration into a central cloud. In addition, as part of its implementation responsibilities, Bosch is looking after the special security and privacy requirements for vehicle-to-vehicle communication, such as preventing vehicles from being tracked.


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Source: Bosch



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