BELGIUM: European Commission convenes auto summit for 6 June

Exhaustive results of a study into the acute problems currently facing the auto sector will be unveiled by the European Commission at a summit in Brussels on 6 June.

European automakers are currently plagued by chronic over-capacity coupled with weakening consumer demand as confidence wanes against a backdrop of financial instability, but the EC dossier will attempt to find a solution through the impasse.

“I am studying with my cabinet ideas [for the] future of the automotive sector during this crisis,” EC vice president Antonio Tajani told just-auto on the sidelines of this year’s CLEPA reception in Brussels. “I will organise a meeting on 6 June with automotive sector companies, CLEPA and the CEOs of manufacturing companies.

“There are different positions within [the] automotive sector in Germany, France and Italy [for example] but for me it is important to organise together. An action plan for Fiat, Volkswagen, Peugeot and Daimler Benz, but also for small and medium enterprises. CLEPA is crucial. My job is to pave the way for a solution to work for more flexibility.”

The EC vice president stressed his commitment to the auto sector in Europe and the importance of the industry to creating jobs. “As politicians we can defend work,” he said.

Nonetheless, Tajani conceded there was a “general crisis” in Europe’s economy and pledged to work to the “last minute” to reinforce the EC’s auto policy, stressing the importance of the Cars 21 meeting to address the industry’s problems.

The vice president added he would collaborate with his colleagues in the commission to address issues of competitiveness in the car sector while, at the same time, acknowledging differing approaches from manufacturers.

“I am optimistic but it is not easy,” he noted.




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