Battery recycling will be the focus of new EU-project RESPECT

The recently-launched Horizon-Europe project RESPECT held its kick-off meeting in Paris on 20 September.

The aim of RESPECT is to address the issues associated with recycling of batteries while facilitating their maximal usage, developing sustainable, safe and efficient processes to further enhance circular economy and strategic autonomy of the European Li-ion batteries value chain. Specifically, the consortia partners will contribute to the development of a comprehensive process encompassing a process-chain that is flexible enough to treat a wide range of battery types in a closed loop, considering the variability of Li-ion batteries chemistries, applications (Electric Vehicles and Energy Storage Systems) and states (aged, damaged, end-of-life, production scraps).

RESPECT will focus on two recycling routes: full hydrometallurgy and direct recycling and an improved Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of each recycling segment to lower emissions and reduce secondary pollution, safety and health risks. Socio-economic, as well as sustainability aspects will be covered throughout the project. To ensure a successful project implementation, knowledge sharing on Li-ion battery green recycling processes will be fostered, based on the engagement with relevant international stakeholders and experts through the advisory board.

In order to ensure that the perspective of the automotive industry, and the supply chain in particular, is adequately considered, CLEPA accepted a supporting role in the project, focusing on defining the framework for the technical activities in addition to communication and dissemination activities to members and the wider stakeholder community.


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