EC: Application deadline nears for €10 million EU challenge for innovative electric vehicle batteries

Noting that electromobility offers one of the best solutions to the challenge of environmental sustainability, the European Union, through its European Innovation Council (EIC), has issued a challenge to all researchers in the EU or in a country associated with Horizon 2020, whether individuals, organisations, or companies, to come up with a fully functional prototype of a high-performing, sustainable battery for electric vehicles.

The EU hopes that technological innovation can overcome the current issues surrounding battery technology, which are leading to a slow uptake of zero-emission vehicles. At the moment, the relative high cost, limited range, and slow recharging times form significant barriers to more widespread adoption. Having a, affordable, long-lasting, rapidly rechargeable battery which meets high standard of safety, sustainability, and recyclability, as well as equalling the range of a standard gasoline or diesel car would drastically improve the appeal of electric vehicles. The ultimate aim is for electric vehicles to match or outperform vehicles with an internal combustion engine.

The contest opened on 23 February 2018. Interested parties need to submit their applications by 17 December 2020. Contestants are expected to find out the results by the fourth quarter of 2021, upon which the €10 million prize will be awarded.

The contest figures into the Commission’s Clean Mobility Package, which aims to reduce CO2 emissions, boost deployment of clean vehicles and foster an integrated industrial policy on batteries that will be invented and produced in the EU. The EIC Horizon Prizes have been designed in the hope of triggering innovations in areas which have a major societal impact, like the environment. The intention is to have the winning breakthrough solutions be developed enough to allow for a quick market launch.


Source: European Commission


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