5G revolutionises mobile data transmission

The potential of 5G, especially in the automotive industry, is outstanding: In the industrial production of vehicles, 5G will guarantee high availability, performance and a safe digital infrastructure.


Following the successful completion of the 5G frequency auction for the use of public mobile communications services, the Federal Network Agency will exclusively provide frequencies in the 3.7 to 3.8 GHz ranges for local use in the second half/end of the year 2019 upon request to interested parties.


These local frequencies are of particular interest for every industry 4.0, especially the automotive industry. Local frequencies make companies less dependent on mobile network operators. Above all, operational processes can be optimized by local networks and companies retain data sovereignty.


Companies must, therefore, make a fundamental choice whether to use “own” frequencies for the 5G networking of their company or to rely on the 5G network which other mobile network operators will provide in the future.


Eligibility to apply can arise from ownership of the property concerned or from any other right of use such as rent, lease or assignment. The frequencies to be applied for are intended for purely internal applications and not for mobile communications services for the public. The Federal Network Agency will soon publish the exact date from which the frequencies can be applied for in the Official Journal. The Federal Network Agency has already published a paper with the framework conditions for the application procedure. It states, among other things, that from the point of view of the Federal Network Agency, it is also conceivable that several property owners, e.g. of an industrial estate, might submit a joint application for frequency allocation for an entire area.


If a frequency is applied for by a company, use must begin within one year of allocation, otherwise, the frequency allocation can be revoked by the Federal Network Agency (“use it or lose it procedure”).


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