City Mobility Index

On the 9th of January 2018, Deloitte published its City Mobility Index, gauging global readiness for the future of mobility.


European cities outperform their global counterparts in urban mobility. Helsinki, Amsterdam and London lead the ranking of 18 urban centres worldwide when it comes to readiness for the Future of Mobility. Deloitte looked at a wide-ranging set of themes, including resilience, inclusion and vision.

Helsinki scored highest not only because of the prevalence of public transportation and eco-friendly biking, but also because of the city government’s efforts to advance a smart city infrastructure. Another element  lauded  by the authors is Helsinki’s MaaS approach, which links private and public transportation. These are themes, which can serve as inspiration to Manchester and Brussels, the two lowest-ranking European cities in the Deloitte ranking.

The results of the survey are available  online. This includes detailed  city profiles  as well as interactive tools for easy visualisation.


Source: Deloitte


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