SLD2018 – The Industry in Transformation

Change is happening faster than ever. Digitalisation, environment and automation are the driving forces. The automotive industry is leading with autonomous
technology, but the customers’ relationship to technology is changing. Will the car be a product that people will still want to own or will it become more of a service?
In the wait for teleportation there is a continued need for transportation of people in a world where the limitations are becoming more constricted. We do not have unlimited space and the environment is sending clear signals. Among this year’s speakers are Scania’s Henrik Henriksson, AB Volvo’s Lars Stenqvist, Volvo Cars Martina Buchhauser and Johan Löfvenholm from Veoneer. In addition the Annual Suppliers’ Award will be presented for ventures within the Swedish supplier industry. SLD2018 will start early on Wednesday October 24, 2018 with seminars, exhibits and an industry mingle.


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Never before has change gone so fast, driven by digitization, environment and automation. The automotive industry in charge of autonomous technology while changing the customer to technology – must we own? In anticipation of teleporting, the package or body must in any way be transported in a world where restrictions are only getting tighter – we do not have unlimited space and the environment expressly says that it is enough! This year’s supplier’s day will give you the inspiration to keep up with the change – hope to see you October 25 in Gothenburg!