POLICY EVENT: The Sustainable Mobility Transformation – Green AND Just?

POLICY EVENT: The Sustainable Mobility Transformation – Green AND Just?

2022/01/11 - 2022/01/11

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To reach climate objectives, rapid electrification is a must, but how we get there requires careful consideration. Currently, around 600,000 jobs in the EU rely on the production of internal combustion engine powertrains. A recent study by PwC Strategy& found that an EV-only approach, as currently proposed in the Fit for 55 package, will put over half a million of those jobs at risk.

The study also finds that 70% of the jobs losses will occur in just a 5 year period, between 2030 and 2035, causing serious time pressure for SMEs and regional economies. 

The European Union needs a manageable transition that meets climate objectives AND protects jobs. How can green energy and sustainable mobility solutions contribute to these goals? What are the pathways that organisations and policymakers can take to avoid disruption? 

CLEPA, the European Association of Automotive Suppliers is hosting a policy event to discuss these, and other important questions, bringing together a high-level panel to delve into the challenges and opportunities stemming from the mobility transition for European regions, businesses, and citizens alike. This online event will also present the results of the Transition Impact Study by PwC Strategy&, which assesses the impact of three different Green Deal scenarios on value-add and employment among automotive suppliers across Europe, and in seven key automotive markets, until 2040.

Join us for this important event to discuss the impact of the mobility transition, and the risks and opportunities. Register via the link below!