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FT Future of the Car 2021

FT Future of the Car 2021

2021/05/11 - 2021/05/13

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2021/05/11 - 2021/05/13

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FT Future of the Car

The Financial Times Future of the Car summit returns this 11 May to bring together the most prominent experts in the automotive industry to delve into the pressing topics it currently faces, such as upscaling electric vehicle production and how to effectively navigate the road towards carbon neutrality.

The event will run over 3 days with a diverse array of sessions aimed at anticipating how to prepare “Anticipating Tighter Regulations” and the potential non-compliance penalties, to the new strategies, digital technologies, and in-car services associated with “Building the Personal Car”, discussed by elite business leaders and speakers.

CLEPA’s Secretary-General Sigrid de Vries will be part of an expert panel on 12 May to discuss the future of car data, who will have a claim to it, and the responsibilities and risks that come along with Over-the-Air data.

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