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Forum for Mobility & Society: Smart and Safe Road to AI in urban mobility

Forum for Mobility & Society: Smart and Safe Road to AI in urban mobility

2020/09/30 - 2020/09/30 Online

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2020/09/30 - 2020/09/30

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Theories of AI have existed for a long time already, but AI gained pace over the past few decades, with technological advances such as improved algorithms, greater computing power, and the availability of large amounts of data.

Despite these developments, the mobility sector is still only at the beginning of the AI disruption. State-of-the-art AI applications remain narrow, and their level and nature vary widely, encompassing anything from classic navigation systems and allocation of (shared) vehicles, to automated driving.

Next-level improvements from AI and its applications could drive both huge competitive advantages and tangible benefits for the mobility industry and users, and contribute to successfully meet the challenges that we all face in the context of Urban Mobility, against the background of the European Green Deal and its ambitious goals towards climate-neutrality, and in terms of road safety.

In this webinar promoted by the FMS members, we will try to explore some of the aspects of this wide subject:

  • What is AI, how does it work and why does it matter for the mobility sector?
  • How important is AI for the industry, which applications are currently available in the market, and what innovations can be expected?
  • Are consumers receptive to using AI in mobility, and what are their expectations and concerns?
  • What challenges must be tackled to monetize the technology across the market?
  • Which strategic actions might EU authorities take to unlock the full potential and ensure that AI remains user-centric, protect competition, and promote societal benefits?

The debate will also try to shed light on whether the COVID-19 crisis will accelerate or slow-down the deployment of AI-powered applications for mobility.

The list of speakers includes:

  • Henna Virkkunen, MEP, Co-chair of the FMS
  • Ismail Ertug, MEP, Co-chair of the FMS
  • Philip Boucher, Scientific Foresight Unit, EPRS
  • Prof Raja Chatila, Professor of Robotics, AI and Ethics at Sorbonne University, Member of the AI High Level Group
  • Juha Heikkilä, Head of the Robotics and AI Unit, DG CONNECT, European Commission (TBC)
  • Onkar Ambekar, Head of Data and Analytics Center for Excellence, Bridgestone
  • Laurianne Krid, Director General, FIA Region I
  • Dr Simon Fuerst, Principal Expert on Autonomous Driving Technologies, BMW Group

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