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Bloomberg NEF summit 2021

Bloomberg NEF summit 2021

2021/05/17 - 2021/05/17

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2021/05/17 - 2021/05/17

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The Bloomberg NEF Summit will bring together automotive, manufacturing, and energy sectors for a unique webinar this 17 May.

The BNEF Summit will provide a platform for several sessions throughout the day to bring connections, insights, and ideas together to work towards formulating strategies to adapt to technological change and sustainable mobility.

The sessions consist of a diverse range of topics from the decarbonisation of metals, digitalising supply chains, chemicals and plastics, which will be delivered by a range of experts from different sectors who will converge for this unique and diverse webinar.

CLEPA’s Secretary-General Sigrid de Vries will be participating in the 08:45 session to discuss industrial strategy, which will focus on the ebbs and flows of the automotive market as it develops going forward, how it can retain its ability to add value, and where carbon pricing and border adjustments will play a role.

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