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6th International ATZ Conference

6th International ATZ Conference

2020/10/13 - 2020/10/14 Wiesbaden, Germany

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2020/10/13 - 2020/10/14

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After we had to postpone the spring date due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we got the permission from the public authorities for our event in October. Come to Wiesbaden to meet important experts and exchange views with colleagues in person. To ensure that the conference is safe and successful for all participants, we have drawn up a wide-ranging hygiene protection concept and are making detailed arrangements with the event partners. If you prefer to participate virtually in the event for health reasons or due to travel restrictions, this year we offer you alternatively a live stream with extensive chat functions.

Thanks to the rapid development of driver assistance systems, the digital world and mechanical automobiles are increasingly merging into one. Further, steps toward partially and fully automated driving for all types of transportation are consistently being taken, with the ultimate goal being to someday achieve a “zero accident rate”. Given the dynamic developments in this area, manufacturers have to constantly stay on the ball. Combining presentations and in-depth discussions, the international ATZ Conference “Automated Driving – From Driver Assistance to Autonomous Driving”(formally “Driver Assistence Systems”) offers you the ideal platform.

There is no ideal solution for automated driving. Only the “right” combination of sensors and algorithms supported by artificial intelligence is likely to produce the required results. The 6th International ATZ Conference “Automated Driving” will offer you the very latest information on methods and processes for the development of automated driving, as well as intensive discussions on the benefits for users and concrete business models. Automated driving is also a key area of focus for the insurance industry. An important question is that of liability. It is vital to acquire the necessary knowledge as early as possible in order to react appropriately.

This conference is an important trend barometer for progress and new issues on the way toward highly and fully automated driving. Industry experts will examine the current state of development and provide information about users and markets.

We cordially invite you to Wiesbaden to meet experts from leading OEMs, suppliers, development service providers, and research institutes to discuss the latest issues with them.

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