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48th European Transport Conference

48th European Transport Conference

2020/09/09 - 2020/09/11

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2020/09/09 - 2020/09/11

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The ETC as an online event

For the first time in the history of the ETC the conference will be organized in an online format. The conference will keep its unique identity of a multi-disciplinary, multi-seminar format but in an online environment.  There will be a choice of up to 10 simultaneous seminars per day plus plenary sessions on the first and second days. AET is working to update all information in the website to reflect the new format of the coming conference and provide all necessary information for delegates.


Why attend the 2020 European Transport Conference?

First-class speakers,    Thought-provoking research sessions,   Networking with international colleagues

Full 3-day conference programme,   Access to conference papers and recordings of the online conference sessions,   Open access and publication of papers

Coverage of major themes including:

  • Climate change.
  • Autonomous Vehicles.
  • Large infrastructure projects.
  • The future of transport.
  • Gender and diversity in transport. 
  • Car-free cities – throughout the world.
  • How are sustainable urban plans being implemented in cities?
  • How are professional qualifications for “transport planners” obtained in different countries? How are young people encouraged to take up a career in transport? What are the study paths in different countries?
  • The importance of communication between professionals and decision-makers in terms of policy implementation – what common language and understanding is needed to make progress?
  • The language of mobility – how can we send a positive message about transport?
  • Themes covered by the Programme committees can be found here
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