European Automotive Skills Council Final Conference

26 February 2016
Brussels, European Economic and Social Committee


Join us for the Final Conference of the
European Automotive Skills Council

The event will feature presentations and discussions on:

  • Automotive Skills Study
  • EASC Report and Recommendations
  • Industry Roundtable “Tackling the Automotive Skills Challenge”

Translation into English, French, German, Polish

Programme, registration and useful information here


About the European Automotive Skills Council:

What is the objective of the Automotive Skills Council?

  • It will help to better anticipate the current and future skills needs throughout the automotive sector in Europe
  • It will contribute to tackling skills shortage and skills mismatch by focusing on job creation, retraining and job transformation in the automotive sector
  • The concept of an automotive sector council for employment and skills will be tested during 18 months and hopefully even longer: this means finding effective ways of cooperation and establishing sustainable networking processes between the different stakeholders

How will the Automotive Skills Council achieve this objective?

  • It provides a platform to exchange quantitative and qualitative information on skills
  • It provides a platform to deliberate on good and best practices in the sector
  • It provides a platform to discuss the evolution of skills and jobs, to gather automotive skills intelligence
  • It will bring sector specific skills issues to the attention of policy makers and other stakeholders by highlighting skills mismatches and bottlenecks