SDCM – 13th Congress of the Automotive Industry and Market

13th Congress of the Automotive Industry and Market is an annual event organised by the Association of Automotive Parts Distributors and Producers. During the two days of the event (7th-8th November), organised in Sound Garden Hotel in Warsaw a lot of discussion panels concerning the automotive, networking sessions and B2B meetings will take place.

The panels will be hosted by organisations and institutions related to the spare parts sector, among others: Polish Investment and Trade Agency, STM. This year the event will be co-organised by the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology, which will lead its own session during the second day of the congress.

The representatives of the European organisations: CLEPA, FIGIEFA and APRA will give speeches. The session concerning the persons with disabilities, which will be hosted by Piotr Pawłowski, the President of the Integracja Foundation is promising as well.

One of the panels will be traditionally devoted to the unique session devoted to women in the automotive sector. This time Ladies will have a look at the megatrends in the automotive. We’ll learn about the forecasts, opportunities and threats of the near and distant future.

For the first time our guests will have the opportunity to see the exhibition of the Industry 4.0 and meet the representatives of the most interesting start-ups of the sector.

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