Facts and figures


The automotive industry as a strategic sector accounts for almost 7% of the EU‘s GDP

12 million

With 12 million sector-related jobs the automotive industry is vital for Europe’s industrial competitiveness

16 million

Per year, 16 million vehicles are manufactured in Europe, contributing to the stability and growth of the European economy

€22 billion
With more than €22 billion yearly investments into RDI, European automotive suppliers are one of the biggest private investors into research and innovation in Europe

The EU needs to maintain a world-class car industry, producing the most energy efficient and safe vehicles globally and providing high-skilled jobs to millions

R&I expenditure – OEMs vs Suppliers*

Suppliers on average account for 50% of the R&I spending in the European automotive industry – with a rising tendency

With future challenges such as global localisation, volume bundling and OEM module strategies, the balance of R&I expenditure will tip towards suppliers

2012 Total number of EPO patent filings