Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility according to the CLEPA Statutes:

Clause 6 – Membership

Clause 7 – Admission

6.1 The Association shall include “active members” who must be:

(a). National Associations of automotive parts, systems, modules, engineering and design companies from the Member States of the European Union, hereinafter will be called “National Trade Representatives”. Where national associations bring together other branches of the automotive industry, then their sections or groups representing the suppliers shall be accepted as members.

(b). Individual companies or corporations belonging to the automotive trade branch in the sense of the European classification of activities (NACE 353) or to sub-branches of the automotive supply industry or for whom automobile parts, systems, modules, engineering or design makes up a significant part of their total turnover, hereinafter denominated corporate members. This category also includes “Small and Medium Sized Enterprises” (SMEs), defined as a company consisting of up to 250 employees.

(c). Associated membership shall be open to Trade Associations and companies with activities in the automotive parts sector, located outside the European Union. This includes Trade Associations and companies located in countries part of the European Union’s current and future enlargement process, hereinafter will be called “Associated”. Upon an applicant country’s accession to the European Union, the Trade Associations or companies shall automatically graduate to “National Trade Representative” or “Corporate” membership, until such time, they remain “Associated”.

Companies located outside the European Union may be admitted, provided that they are duly paid-up members of at least one Trade Association in their respective country of origin, who is a CLEPA member.

6.2. Only those legal entities, institutions or associations legally and duly registered under the law of their respective countries of origin will be accepted for membership as National Trade Representatives. Only one association will be eligible as the National Trade Representative for each Member State of the European Union.

6.3. Membership of individual companies will be accepted as “Corporate” members provided that they:

– Run actual production, engineering or design facilities for automotive parts, systems or modules in at least two European countries,

– and are duly paid up members of at least one National Trade Representative member of CLEPA.

Multinational groups shall be represented by a single Corporate member only, except for joint venture companies established separately, by existing members.

6.4. It is understood that “active members” shall be National Trade Representatives, Corporate members and Associated members, as represented by their legal appointees.

Each active member shall appoint delegates to form the General Assembly. It shall be the exclusive privilege of this higher body of CLEPA to decide on the Association’s policy.

6.5. Membership shall neither be transferred nor given away to any third moral entity. It is non-transferable.

7.1. Applicants for membership shall be admitted if they fulfil the conditions in any of the aforementioned categories and if they are accepted by a 2/3 majority of the Board of Directors, present or represented.

7.2. Applying for membership will be deemed to be a de facto recognition and acceptance of the statutes, any amendments thereof, and the Internal Rules.

7.3. Depending on the circumstance, the General Assembly may decide to accept the membership of certain corporate members and national trade representatives even though they may not comply with all the above mentioned prerequisites.

To apply for CLEPA membership, please contact

Erik Vandervreken

Director Business Development and Services.

Tel. +32 2 743 91 25