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Big is beautiful at Indian auto show
There’s a new drive in town. The ultra-low cost vehicle, long the popular choice in the Indian market, is making way for the big family transporter – that is the main message of the five-day Del...
06 Jan 2012 - Read more
CLEPA appoints new CEO
Mr Peter Tyroller, CLEPA President, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Jean-Marc Gales as the new CLEPA CEO with effect from 2nd April 2012. “I am honoured and excited to have bee...
04 Jan 2012 - Read more
Beatrice morning News
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03 Jan 2012 - Read more
EVs driven to their limits
For years before the industry’s new electric vehicles launched, carmakers and government planners worried about the infrastructure drivers would need to replenish the batteries in their cars, write...
03 Jan 2012 - Read more
The Danish EU presidency: Bridge over troubled water
With the euro debt crisis, Denmark's presidency of the EU council coincides with one of the most difficult moments in the Union's history. As Denmark is not member of the eurozone, it is prepared to...
03 Jan 2012 - Read more
China ‘to withdraw’ foreign car investment support
China has said it will withdraw support for foreign investment in the country's car industry to encourage domestic carmakers, according to state media. The Xinhua news agency cited a joint announcemen...
02 Jan 2012 - Read more
CLEPA wishes you a Happy New Year!
The CLEPA Team wishes you a very Happy New Year! We look forward to working with you in 2012!...
02 Jan 2012 - Read more
Statement of CLEPA position on the repair clause
CLEPA is in favour of the Commission's proposed repair clause for the following reasons:   • The repair clause removes the opportunity for car manufacturers to use their design rights in...
06 Nov 2009 - Read more
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