EU standardisation work: let small firms and consumers join in, says committee
Consumers and small businesses must be enabled to play a bigger part in developing EU goods and services standards, so as to build in protection for public interests such as product safety, environmen...
22 Mar 2012 - Read more
New study looks at the state of implementation of the CO2/car labelling Directive
A report prepared for the European Commission presents the state of play for the implementation of Directive 1999/94/EC ('the CO2/car labelling Directive') in eight Member States: Belgium, Denmark,...
21 Mar 2012 - Read more
Exploring your transport options, the EU way
How can one drive and protect the environment at the same time? It's an important question, and one that weighs on the minds of Europeans a lot. In an effort to help consumers, the EU is backing a...
20 Mar 2012 - Read more
No trade war with China, EU presidency says
BRUSSELS - Business between the EU and China is running as usual, despite highly-public trade differences between the two economic powerhouses, the Danish trade minister has said. "I wouldn...
19 Mar 2012 - Read more
The European Commission wants to phase out conventional engines in cities by 2050. This will require changes in building, fuelling and propelling vehicles
A great deal has changed since 1972, and not just in hair and fashion. Today we take for granted personal computers, mobile phones and instant access to entertainment. Forty years ago these things w...
16 Mar 2012 - Read more
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