European Road Transport Research Advisory Council - ERTRAC

The European Road Transport Research Advisory Council (ERTRAC) is the European Technology Platform (ETP) for Road Transport. ERTRAC is recognized and supported by the European Commission.

The tasks of ERTRAC are to:

  • Provide a strategic vision for road transport research and innovation in Europe.
  • Define strategies and roadmaps to achieve this vision through the definition and update of a Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) and implementation research roadmaps.
  • Stimulate effective public and private investment in road transport research and innovation.
  • Contribute to improving coordination between the European, national, regional public and private R&D activities on road transport.
  • Enhance the networking and clustering of Europe’s research and innovation capacities.
  • Promote European commitment to Research and technological development, ensuring that Europe remains an attractive region for researchers, and enhancing the global competitiveness of the transport industries.
  • Support the implementation of Horizon 20250, the European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation

European Truck Platooning Challenge - ETPC

To support dialogue and cooperation, the Netherlands initiated a European Truck Platooning Challenge whereby various brands of automated trucks will drive in columns (platooning) on public roads from various European cities to the Netherlands.

European Automotive-Telecom Alliance

The main goal of this Alliance is to promote the wider deployment of connected and automated driving in Europe. The first concrete step is the advancement of a “Pre-Deployment Project” aimed at testing three major use-case categories, albeit with exact details still to be decided:

  • Automated driving – could include high-density platooning, remotely controlled parking, highway chauffeur and high-definition maps;
  • Road safety and traffic efficiency – could include traffic optimisation for smart cities;
  • Digitalisation of transport and logistics – could include remote sensing and data management.

These tests will identify and address both technological and regulatory issues. Among other important elements, the project will tackle interoperability issues as well as infrastructure investment to address connectivity needs, and the improving of safety and security. At the same time, pilot projects will help to elaborate the basic business models that both sectors can start deploying when investing in these technologies.

European Green Vehicle Initiative Association - EGVIA

The European Green Vehicles Initiative is a contractual public-private partnership dedicated to delivering green vehicles and mobility system solutions which match the major societal, environmental and economic challenges ahead. With a focus on the energy efficiency of vehicles and alternative powertrains, the EGVI PPP aims at accelerating research, development and demonstration of technologies allowing the efficient use of clean energies in road transport.

Forum for Mobility and Society - FMS

The Forum for Mobility and Society brings together mobility stakeholders from the industry and civil society. It organises regular debates on current mobility issues, actively involving European Institutions such as the European Parliament and the European Commission.

Since 1999, the Forum for Mobility and Society (FMS) brings together the transport and mobility community to debate, draw long-term perspectives and develop visions for tomorrow’s mobility.

The FMS gathers Europe’s key institutional actors including Members of the European Parliament, representatives from the European Commission, industry experts and society at large. It does not seek to give a definitive outlook on a particular topic, but examines current debates on mobility issues from a variety of perspectives so that new solutions may be found. The FMS regularly organises conferences, panel discussions, workshops, networking events and visits for its members and wider stakeholder community.


Industry4Europe is a large and unprecedented coalition of organisations dedicated to campaigning for an ambitious EU industrial strategy. With 132 member organisations from across the EU and spanning most sectors of the economy, Industry4Europe is helping to set the vision for the long-term future of the EU’s industrial and manufacturing strategy.

The Industry4Europe campaign brings together well over 100 European manufacturing industry associations. It calls on the European Commission to:

  • reaffirm its commitment to reaching the target of 20% of GDP from industry, with an ambitious and realistic timeline;
  • adopt an Action Plan to tackle the challenges that the industrial sectors are facing, in the framework of a Communication that would include concrete steps and milestones; and
  • commit to implement this Action Plan in a timely manner and regularly report on progress.


Let’s put industry at the core of the EU’s future! – A joint call to the candidates for the 2019 European Elections:

Joint Paper in reaction to the Communication of the European Commission on “Investing in a smart, innovative and sustainable Industry: A renewed EU Industrial Policy Strategy”: