Road safety is not only a societal challenge, but also a focus area of strategic importance to European automotive suppliers, who have been playing a leading role in safety technology for decades.

Automotive suppliers continue to develop vehicle systems to mitigate or avoid accidents taking into account the human and environmental factors, which are the most frequent roots for accidents.

Technology and innovation have helped make our vehicles safer: protecting the driver, passengers and other road users. Today’s cars and trucks feature a wide range of active and passive safety systems that help avoid accidents or reduce the impact if an accident were to happen. Many of these technologies, such as seat belts, airbags and ESP were developed in Europe by CLEPA member companies.

CLEPA and its members are committed to doing more to protect all road users, from vehicle occupants to pedestrians, by focusing research and innovation on safety and integrating passive, active safety systems as well as communication with other vehicles and infrastructure to offer road users the best protection.

Safety & Policy

The goal of the EU’s land transport policy is to promote sustainable mobility that is efficient, safe and with reduced negative effects on the environment. A goal shared by CLEPA and its members. The EU’s policy objectives for road transport are to promote efficient road freight and passengers transport services, to create fair conditions for competition, to promote and harmonise safer and more environmentally friendly technical standards, to ensure a minimum fiscal and social harmonisation and to make sure that the rules in road transport are effectively applied without discrimination.

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Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

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